Who You Should/Shouldn’t Stay Patient With in Fantasy Baseball

Featured Image by: USATSI

Written by Sam Gubner


Some players you drafted have paid off tremendously and some have failed miserably. In this segment we will talk about the latter and give you advice as to what you should do with them to possibly improve your team.


DH – Prince Fielder – Texas Rangers

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(Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Fielder has been struggling this season hitting .213 with 7 home runs, which is extremely low for him as he has five 30+ home run seasons. And with the big man in Texas is having even bigger problems, there is room for optimism. Fielder is starting to heat up slashing .467 with 4 RBIs in his last 5 games. Fielder has also had an illustrious career bashing 318 home runs and 1,023 RBIs through 11 seasons. Fielder’s immense talent and knowledge for the game will eventually bring him back to the fantasy elites. Not to mention, Fielder is entrenched in the star studded Rangers offense that is currently 5th in runs scored and team RBI. If you are a Prince Fielder owner be patient because even though I don’t think he will be the Prince of old, but he can still be very productive for you fantasy squad.


1B – Adrian Gonzalez – Los Angeles Dodgers

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 2.47.50 AM
(USA Today Sports)

This one is especially hard for me because I’m a Los Angeles native and attend numerous Dodger games, but sadly it looks like Adrian Gonzalez is entering the twilight of his career. “AGon” has been in the league for 12 years and has done great in almost all of them, only having only three seasons where he didn’t hit .270 with at least 80 RBIs. While he has a great track record, Gonzalez is turning 34 and isn’t looking any younger hitting .264 with 6 home runs and 33 RBIs. Well short of his career marks, it looks like age has finally caught up with Gonzalez. He could still heat up in a young and talented Dodgers lineup and end up being an elite first baseman, but to me it seems unlikely. He will still put up solid numbers (15 homers-60 RBIs) so don’t drop him, but if you get a good trade offer accept it.


OF – Giancarlo Stanton – Miami Marlins

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 2.50.09 AM
(Charles LeClaire/USA Today Sports)

Stanton was a 1st round, possibly top 5 pick in most fantasy leagues so his production as of now is stunning to most fantasy owners. Recently signed to a 13-year 325 million dollar contract, Stanton is underperforming hitting .220 with 14 homers and 37 RBIs. You would expect the slugger to do bad due to injury, but now the only thing stopping Stanton is himself. What is even more surprising is that it seems everyone on the Marlins is seeming to flourish under sensational hitting coach Barry Bonds except for Stanton! Even with this, don’t give up so easily on the superstar. Stanton is starting to get back to his slugging ways, bashing 2 home runs and 8 RBIs in his last 5 games. And as I’ve said, Stanton is in an over-performing Marlins offense featuring Christian Yelich, Marcell Ozuna, and Justin Bour all under the guidance of a hitting guru in Bonds. Look for Stanton to bounce back in a big way, and do not sell him short because that will end up being very costly.


OF – Jason Heyward – Chicago Cubs

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 2.51.53 AM
(AP Photo)

The Cubs offense has been doing so good this season, that everyone seems to forget the immense struggles recently signed Jason Heyward is going through this season. Signed off a fresh 8 year 184 million dollar contract, Heyward is starting to look like a major bust hitting .237 with 4 RBIs and 26 home runs. But then again, Heyward has never really been a transcendent hitter, only slugging over 60 RBIs in two seasons and over .270 in three. It appears Heyward is in for a career low in home runs, RBIs, and batting average this season with no signs of stopping. As he was a later pick for most teams, this shouldn’t be a major concern but if it is I highly advise you trade Heyward for the right price because no comeback looks imminent.


SP – Chris Archer – Tampa Bay Rays

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 2.53.17 AM
(Kim Klement/USA Today Sports)

Chris Archer is not looking like the ace he was last year pitching a 3.23 ERA and striking out 252 batters in 212 innings. Well, he kinda looks the same just with a 4.70 ERA and a 4-10 record, which is already nearing the 13 losses he had last year. And sadly for Archer he doesn’t have much of a team behind him as the Rays are 24th in runs scored. He already has the strikeouts but can’t actually get outs or run support, which sort of reminds me of Braves’ Julio Teheran last season who had a 4.08 ERA and 171 strikeouts and virtually no run support. I personally liked Archer unlike the next person on this list, and a lot of others did as well drafting him in the middle to late rounds of their drafts. Many have Archer as one of their main pitchers, so this is a huge problem. My advice is to add a solid pitcher such as Trevor Bauer or other starters I listed on the Waiver Wire segment (https://fantasports.net/2016/06/23/waiver-wire-62216/), and keep Archer. Even though he is doing bad now, I expect him to bounce back and in the mean time have his K’s outweigh the runs.


SP – Dallas Keuchel – Houston Astros

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 2.54.35 AM
(Denis Porov/Getty Images)

Keuchel is a player I strongly disliked coming into this 2016 season because last season was just too much of an outlier with no previous hints of a superstar year. And Keuchel is getting back to his old ways having a 5.35 ERA, which is around the same ERA he had his first two years in the league (5.27 and 5.15). He has also given up 113 hits and 60 runs, which both lead the league. Keuchel was coming off a career year, leading the league in wins (20) and WHIP (1.02) while striking out 216. These numbers led to Keuchel winning the 2015 AL Cy Young award. Because of this many fantasy owners drafted Keuchel with their 3-5 round pick. And since Keuchel is obviously performing below expectations, your only option now is to try to get a good trade for him. Even with his awful performance so far don’t drop him because he is in fact the reigning AL Cy Young winner.


SP – Matt Harvey – New York Mets

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 2.55.29 AM

Along with Archer, I loved Matt Harvey coming into the season but Harvey has struggled to fully return from the workload he had last season while trying to recover from Tommy John surgery. Harvey pitched over an innings limit placed on him by personal doctors and personal agent Scott Boras last season and is now feeling the effects hurling a mediocre 4.64 ERA and 1.38 WHIP. Even though he is starting to slightly bounce back going 2-3 with a 2.30 ERA in his last six starts, the fact that he is giving you less production this season than future Hall of Famer Bartolo “Big Sexy” Colon isn’t a good sign. Since he is doing just awful this year and most likely due to fatigue and weakness in his arm, try to trade and get rid of Harvey as soon as possible.


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