Buy or Sell? Tim Lincecum

Featured Image by: Jason O. Watson/Getty Images)



There used to be a time when, it would be preposterous to even think about doing a “Buy or Sell?” article on Tim Lincecum, but times have changed.

Lincecum started his career with the San Francisco Giants in 2007 and was mediocre, going 7-5 with 150 strikeouts and a 4.00 ERA. But the next season he went from Tim Lincecum to “The Freak”!

This season, he would go 18-5 with 265 strikeouts (led the league) and a 2.62 ERA. Coming out of nowhere, Lincecum would capture the 2008 Cy Young award. In 2009, he did even better going 15-7 with 261 (leading the league again) strikeouts and a 2.48 ERA on his way to his second consecutive CY Young award.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 1.28.29 AM
Tim Lincecum during Game 4 of the 2012 World Series (Ezrra Shaw/Getty Images).

Lincecum would continue this reign of dominance for two more seasons while winning a World Series title in 2012 against the Detroit Tigers. But starting in 2013, “The Freak” became “The Norm” having 5.18, 4.37, 4.74, and 4.13 ERAs in consecutive seasons.

He was doing so bad that the team he had been with his entire career, the Giants, released him and made him an un-restricted free agent. But luckily, for Lincecum the Angels signed him as they were in desperate need for a starting pitcher after injuries to Garrett Richards and C.J. Wilson.

Tim pitched for the Angels Triple A affiliate, the Salt Lake Bees, for two weeks and was finally called up to the major league roster and made his first start today against the Oakland Athletics.

In this start, Lincecum didn’t look like “The Freak” but didn’t look bad either. He pitched six innings and gave up one run on the way to a 7-1 win. He had a low strikeout total of two and gave up four hits, but he did have a good game. Is Tim Lincecum back?

Although I give him credit for the comeback he has made, Lincecum will never be what he used to be. In addition, the Athletics are 26th in runs scored and 27th in on base percentage so a good start against them isn’t saying much.

Lincecum has struggled for years now, with every year people thinking, “This is the year he puts it all together. This is the year he gets back to being the ‘Freak'”. And every year these people get disappointed.

The opportunity is their for Lincecum to succeed, but it seams “The Freak” is gone and never to be found.

Verdict: Sell



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